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Development history
main development process
★ 1958-1960 "Great Leap Forward" stage.
  We implemented the policy of “designing, constructing, and putting into production”, created progress and strived for high speed.
★ Adjustment period from 1961 to 1965.
  Guided by the principle of "adjustment, consolidation, enrichment, and improvement", we adopted measures such as reduction and decentralization, wide-open production, and self-reliance.
★ The "Cultural Revolution" stage from 1966 to 1976.
  The construction project responsibility system was implemented, the direct fees were reimbursed according to the actual expenses, the indirect expenses were budgeted, the number of employees was greatly increased, and the total output value was ups and downs.
★ The reform period of 1977-1985.
  The contract system was implemented, and the company developed from a simple production type to a production and operation type. As of 1985, the company implemented three levels of management, two levels of accounting, set up 20 functional departments, set up five engineering departments, divided into 15 installation teams, also set up metal structure factory, labor service company, inspection and testing center, employees training centers, staff hospitals, children's schools, kindergartens, etc.
★ The period of reform and opening up from 1986 to 2008.
  The company insisted on development as the top priority, boldly develops and innovates; adhered to the management policy of basing the province, developing coastal areas and facing the whole country. As of 2008, the business scope had covered 28 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions.
★ Steady development stage in 2009-2017.
  By extending the upstream and downstream of the company's industrial chain, exploring and trying the mixed ownership economy, and implementing the business strategy of “two transformations and one extension” and “professional support, solid foundation and innovation, leading transformation and upgrading”, the company had achieved steady development. As of 2017, the company had been transformed from a mechanical and electrical installation professional enterprise to an industrial project general contracting enterprise. Through the identification of “National High-Tech Enterprise”, the management had changed from extensive to refined, and had entered the information age, and its business scale had exceeded 10 billion RMB.